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Our Agenda

The organization’s agenda is to conserve the environment and all natural resources through management initiatives like awareness climate change mitigation and adaption, community livelihoods improvement, Human rights protection, promotion and access to justice.

Our Programs

Environment, awareness, NAVODA

Environment and Human rights

This programme focuses on addressing environmental issues that relate to recognition and observance of environmental rights, human rights and empowerment at all levels.


Land rights and access to Justice

The objectives of the projects were; To empower the local communities in areas of extractives to demand to promote, protect their rights of access to land

Women, empowerement

Women empowerment

The project is aimed at empowering women to be part of decision making at all levels and be ambassadors of Climate Justice from grass root and also boost their financial capacities through skills training.




Navigators of Development Association (NAVODA) is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization operating in the Albertine region aimed at promoting Conservation and Good Governance; Mainstream Environment and Natural resources in Development…..

Land Rights, Human Rights

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