Land Rights, Human Rights

Land rights and access to Justice

The project is funded by AJWS in Kikuube district. The project aims is to empower the local communities in areas of extractives to demand, promote, protect their rights of access to land and resources and redress of Land Rights and demand for the good governance of the natural resources through the advocacy of transparency and accountability by Communities in Kikuube District.

Women, empowerement

Livelihood enhancement


The project is being implemented in Kikuube district and targets women who were affected by land evictions in Bukinda and Kijayo makeshift camp.  The objective is to train women in chicken gardening to help them only with sauce and food for home consumption but also earn an income for their livelihood to elevate food insecurity and improve on the nutrition of the children.

Bulimya parish women trained in weavind

Women skills training


The project is aimed at empowering women with hand work skills in weaving using the locally available materials and also to reduce the destruction on the pressure women were putting on the wetlands to get materials for weaving baskets and this aims at conserving the environment by saving the wetlands. Through these trainings capacities of women are built to be part of decision making at all levels and be ambassadors of Climate Justice at grass root and also boost their financial capacities through the sale of the products for improved standards of living.